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Tuymaada-Neft oil company is one of the main enterprises in the oil products market of The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The main activity of the company is the sale of petroleum products in the Republic.

Tuymaada-Neft oil company has an extensive and reliable distribution network, including remote and hard-to-reach settlements.

Tuymaada-Neft oil company is the only company that imports petroleum products to the Republic along the Northern Sea Route for the sustenance of the Arctic regions.

Tuymaada-Neft oil company uses a well-thought-out logistic system of year-round supplying consumers of the Republic with high-quality oil products in the difficult natural and territorial conditions of the region.

Tuymaada-Neft oil company holds licenses for the exploration and development of the promising West Anabar oil field in the Arctic, as well as a number of oil-bearing areas in the south-west of the Republic.


Uninterrupted supply of consumers of the Republic with high-quality and affordable fuel


Increased profitability and expansionof the existing network of fuel stations Further developmentand adjustment of a schemeto provide low-populated areaswith fuel throughmobile fuel stations Reconstruction and constructionof tank farm infrastructure Attracting investmentin the construction of oil refineryin Aldan Geological explorationof the West Anabarsubsoil area The introduction of new technologiesin the activities of the companyand automation of services

Increased profitability and expansion of the existing network of fuel stations

Further development and adjustment of a scheme to provide low-populated areas with fuel through mobile fuel stations

Reconstruction and construction of tank farm infrastructure

The introduction of new technologies in the activities of the company

Geological exploration of the West-Anabarsky subsoil area

Attracting investment in the construction of oil refinery in Aldan