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Caring for the environment - one of the main priorities of the company. No business considerations can stand above the value of environmental safety. In matters of environmental management, Tuymaada-Neft adheres to national environmental standards and corporate policy requirements.

Principles of environmental policy:

  • Systematic mitigation of a negative environmental impact of technological processes and environmental risks through implementation of the best available technologies as well as scientific and technical achievements
  • Giving priority to prevention of a negative environmental impact as compared with mitigation of the consequences of such an impact
  • Maintaining industrial and environmental safety in line with current international standards and requirements
  • Rational use of natural resources based on implementation of innovative environmentally efficient and resource saving technologies
  • Systematic control over compliance with industrial and environmental safety requirements
  • Environmental monitoring in the areas of the company’s operations
  • Improvement of the environmental activity and environmental management system in the company’s divisions
  • Improvement of the personnel’s environmental skills